Judge Andrew Napolitano Supports Travel Ban

The previous evening, a San Francisco-based government requests court heard contentions from the Justice Department as they proceed to attempt and upset an elected judge’s request that halted Trump’s travel boycott incidentally.

On Wednesday, Judge Andrew Napolitano went on Fox News to give his sentiment on the hearings.

“My impression is that the president has a very legitimate complaint that the judges sounded political,” Napolitano said. He included that the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judges solicited an arrangement from superfluous inquiries that rotated around the “intelligence” of Trump’s official request, which is not their business to choose.

“My late friend, the great Justice Antonin Scalia, used to have as a joke a sign on his desk with three words on it: ‘Stupid but Constitutional.’ Basically saying I don’t care what the government did. I only care if it’s constitutional,” Napolitano said.


This came hours after Trump called attention to that even a “terrible secondary school understudy” could comprehend that it was in his energy as president to confine go from specific countries in light of a legitimate concern for national security.

“I tuned into a group of stuff the previous evening on TV that was disreputable,” Trump said of the hearing.

Napolitano said Trump was totally ideal in regards to this, saying his grievances are “superbly substantial.”

Thank you, Judge. I support Trump. What is is wrong with people that they do not understand protecting is the most important thing in this country today.

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