MILLIONS of People Are Supporting Tommy Hilfiger For What He Did To Melania Trump! Liberals In SHOCK!

The sickness between the liberals starts to spread like the plague. We heard many threats from the famous fashion designers that they are going to boycott Melania Trump. But,wait… What is wrong with this people? What is Melania responsible for? She is just a wife of Donald Trump, she is not a politician or even something close to that. You hate her because you brainwashed liberal dummies can not accept defeat?

These liberals are acting so childish, and their foundations,obviously, are giving full power to this black campaign against the elect-president. Now, Tommy Hilfiger is the menace against this boneheads. Like we already saw, there are reasonable and honest people in every segment or our society and this guy approves that. Look what he just said:

“Any designer should be proud to dress Trump.I think Melania is a very beautiful woman and I think any designer should be proud to dress her”-He also added- “I don’t think people should become political about it.”

Rock’n’Roll ! Patriots are so glad to see that sanity still exists. Tommy Hilfiger is a great man and not a puppet that sold its own soul to the devil. Melania Trump will be always beautiful, because that is a gift from God, and as you can see, there will be good designers to make some clothes for her.