Audience ERUPTS Over What Pence Was Caught Doing During Gaga’s Halftime Show

Lady Gaga was given the honor of the halftime show at one of the most watched events of the year and promised to make it an “f you” to our new president. She snuck the disrespectful sentiment in without most of America even noticing it, but our Vice President Mike Pence did and showed up with something much better.

For the past 8 years, Obama made his vile sentiments towards our military men and women abundantly clear. But now under the Trump Administration, our veterans are finally getting the appreciation they deserve for the sacrifices the constantly make in order to preserve our freedoms. And during the Super Bowl, everyone noticed what President Trump’s vice president was doing during the game that immediately caught everyone’s attention.

On Friday, it was announced that Mike Pence would be only the fourth sitting vice president to attend the Super Bowl. But rather than make the day totally about him like Obama would’ve done, Pence decided to go out of his way to pay tribute to two very special Soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend the freedoms that so many people in our nation take for granted.

On his way to the football stadium this afternoon, Pence had Air Force Two make a special detour shrouded in secrecy. Shortly later, he picked up two Soldiers who had been horrifically wounded in the war, as a special way to not only pay tribute to these warriors, but show everyone where the priorities of the Trump Administration lies.


The Hill reported:

Pence landed at the base shortly after noon to meet up with Marine Staff Sgt. Anthony Mannino, Jr., who was wounded in Iraq in 2008, and Army Staff Sgt. Frederick Manning, who was injured in Afghanistan last year, to fly them to the game aboard Air Force Two.


Mannino invited his wife Diane as his guest and Manning brought along his nurse from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Army Sgt. First Class Charles Stanley.Mannino is rooting for the New England Patriots, while Manning is pulling for their opponent, the Atlanta Falcons.


Pence’s actions speak volumes about the priorities of the Trump Administration, which is a complete 180 of what Americans endured under Obama. Additionally, it is great to see Pence steer the headlines away from Lady Gaga, who tried to turn the Super Bowl into a platform to take a political stance against President Trump.