Arkansas Just Royally Pissed Off Every Muslim In Their State By What They Are Forcing On Them Now!

The Arkansas House of Representatives just did the most American vote ever! They passed a bill that states their courtrooms were only permitted to use American-based laws when making decisions.

This bill, introduced by Rep. Brandt Smith, did not specify Sharia Law by name, but that’s basically what it targeted. And as a fellow American, we should only use American laws in American courts in the first place. I don’t know what stupid people we have in this country that would vote against the AMERICAN COURTS USING AMERICAN LAWS?

Must’ve been those moron liberals again. They’re always doing something completely backwards and illogical. May as well call them a bunch of “front-butts” because they’re clearly backwards.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – The Arkansas House says judges in the state’s courtrooms should use only American-based laws when making decisions, despite complaints that the proposal addresses a problem that doesn’t exist.

The bill by Rep. Brandt Smith had passed the House Judiciary Committee despite criticism that it targeted Muslims, even though it doesn’t mention Sharia law by name. Some also said the bill improperly infringes on the courts.

Before Monday’s 63-24 vote, one lawmaker questioned whether Smith’s bill might also prohibit the use of Mosaic law – such as the Ten Commandments. Another asked to delay the vote.

Smith told his colleagues that the state’s judges could use clarity on what material they should use when weighing cases.

24 people voted against this, meaning Sharia Law could be used in a court of law on American soil?

Those 24 people should be ashamed of themselves. We are Americans. We use American laws. Why is this so hard to figure out? These are the same type of brain-dead liberals who can’t even figure out their own gender.

No wonder democrats are losing seats in government by record numbers.

Here are the 24 people who voted to not use American laws only. You know what you are.