Tucker Carlson Destroys Meryl Streep For Trashing Trump At Golden Globes

Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump tirade continues to dominate headlines today and the fallout from what she said is comically obvious.

Her misguided rage storm has been commented on from nearly every angle, except this one.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went on live TV and absolutely eviscerated Streep’s enormous load of BS:

Tucker, essentially said that Meryl Streep is no outsider and is an entitled Hollywood elitist that gave the audience exactly what it wanted to hear. There was no substance behind this speech and all it was is an affront to American democracy.

Let’s share this everywhere to show and prove once and for all that America couldn’t care less about Hollywood opinions.

Go back to your gated communities until you get your hands dirty in a middle America job. Then, we can have a debate. Until then, shut the f*** up. No one cares.