Trump Officially Asked Homeland Security For Info He Needs To Build The Wall

President Donald Trump told us during his campaign that he may need to use some of his positions as “negotiation tools” to make sure more important projects happen. Well, America, get ready for the Great Wall of America!

According to Daily Mail, Donald Trump’s transition team has officially asked Homeland Security for the whole bunch of info he needs to build the wall including:

  • List of available assets to build the wall

  • They asked about the department’s capacity for expanding immigrant detention

  • An aerial surveillance program that Obama scaled back

  • He even asked whether federal workers have altered biographic information kept by the department about immigrants out of concern for their “civil liberties”

This is called due to diligence right here. Trump is getting 100% of his sh*t together before he gets to work on an amazing project.

So far he has learned that there are at least 400 miles available on the Mexican border to build the wall and ANOTHER 400 on the Canadian border. It has not been confirmed or not whether Trump is considering a Canadian border fence as well.

He also told Homeland Security to get him together with a list of EVERY executive order and directive sent to them by Obama since 2008 so he can undo them and fix Barack’s screw-ups.

This should make all y’all feel great! Trump is draining the swamp, holding the media accountable, creating jobs, and building his border wall. If this makes you proud to be an American, share it with all your friends!!