Trump Just Destroyed Chicago Mayor For Horrible Statistics


President Trump was not elected because the American people want to be Bullsh*tted. We picked him because he takes problems head on and comes out on top. Now former Clinton strategist and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in his sights, and Trump is P*SSED!!

In case you were not aware, Chicago has suffered 762 murders and 4331 Shootings in 2016 alone. More than New York and Los Angeles combined.

Democrats may not see it as a problem, but Trump sure does. He took to Twitter to let Emanuel know EXACTLY what he plans to do if he cannot fix Chicago immediately.

BINGO! If Emanuel cannot fix Chicago, and it looks like he cannot, Trump is gonna put his foot down and FIX IT FOR HIM!

Now, I am not a fan of federal overreach. I think Washington should keep itself out of everyone’s business UNLESS there are freedoms or lives at risk. I’d say 762 murders in a single city qualify. (H/T – Daily Mail)

It’s kinda funny when you think about it, though. Chicago was Obama’s city and for some reason, he doesn’t even seem remotely concerned with their high murder rate.

Wanna know what I think? I think Obama simply doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

So please, President Trump, keep your word and help set Chicago straight. Too many lives have been lost already…