Trump Just Called Out CIA and FBI On ‘Russia Hacking’ Case

It’s kinda amazing, isn’t it? The CIA and FBI apparently have all this info proving Russia made Donald Trump win the election, and yet the only people they will show it to is the Washington Post. Weird…

Well, where I’m from we got a name for that. BULL SH*T!! Now they are even delaying President-elect Trump’s briefings on the situation even though he is supposed to be fully up to date.

Well, Trump is not one to sit back and not say anything when something big like this comes up. You can bet he hit them back HARD on Twitter with this epic tweet:

Yeah! Seriously, what are they planning? Sounds like they cannot get their facts straight and are politicizing something that’s minor at most.

Plus, where the hell was Obama and the FBI and CIA when China hacked MILLIONS of US emails last year or pretty much every year at this point?

If you ask me, the Liberals were planning on taking out the Republicans once and for all and Donald Trump shut them the Hell down. Thank GOD for that!

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