Trump Gives Navy Their Balls Back & Just Showed Terrorists Not To ‘F’ With America!

Reports have been released on a US Navy Ship sending warning shots at Iranian boats near the straight of Hormuz. It was reported by CNN that the Iranian vessels approached a US Navy ship right off the strait in five separate instances at super high rates of speed.

The US Navy ship took orders to fire off warning shots once.

This incident is the most recent in the latest tense encounter between the two countries over waters near Iran in the past few months, under Obama’s direction.

Things are getting more heated as time passes between our two nations and Obama’s lack of action and habit of leading from behind isn’t helping the situation any, in fact it’s part of the problem in the first place.

These brushes with Iran have included rocket launches, drones flying over US vessels and the capture of US sailors, that still has many Americans fuming over it.

It’s a political backlash among Iranian hardliners, which include Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard Corps. All the while, Obama stands still and when he’s not standing still, he is taking actions that just make things worse.

Just this past November a US Navy Seahawk helicopter had what the Navy refers to as an “unsafe and unprofessional encounter” with an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Coprs patrol boat near he Strait of Hormuz.The actions taken then by this sneaky enemy speaks volumes. The helicopter was flying overhead when the Iranians targeted a weapon on it as explained by a defense official.

These Iranians did not fire, but it was a move that clearly portrayed their true intention for America, no words necessary.

This exchange happened while the helicopter was escorting the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower on its way out of the Persian Gulf, another shocking move Obama has made in his eleventh hour of the Presidency.

One that puts America in a very dangerous position.

You can’t help but think…maybe our true enemy is the one that’s been sitting in the White House for 8 years. There is no other way to explain his actions.

Trump could not have come at a better time for this country.