The FBI was Hiding Something HUGE About Russia Hacks!

If you thought there was something extra suspicious about this whole “Russia hacking the Democrats” narrative, you were dead right.

Today it was revealed that despite the FBI saying they KNOW Russia hacked the Democrats, they never even ONCE actually checked the email servers of the DNC! Instead, federal law enforcement relied on data that, Crowdstrike, a private computer security company, gathered from the device.

So basically they are basing their ENTIRE Russian story around what one private company told them. So what the Hell did the FBI actually do? Well, a big load of NOTHING!

If you wanna hear something REALLY interesting, the founder of Crowdstrike and the man who initially claimed that Russia hacked the DNC is none other than RUSSIAN “computer specialist” Dmitri Alperovitch.

Now I am not saying Alperovitch is part of any Russian psyops. That’s not for me to decide. I am saying that if Putin REALLY wanted to take down the Democrats, making them go crazy over a fake hack attack and then proving they were wrong would definitely do the trick…

Regardless, the fact of the matter here is that the FBI did no research of their own and took a private Russian hacking specialist’s word. Now, I’ll let you decide what this means for our country, but one thing is for sure: US INTELLIGENCE IS NOT DOING THEIR JOB!!

(H/T – Daily Mail, Wikipedia)