Russian Foreign Minister Tore Into Obama With a Brutal Statement About What a Loser He Is

Our lame duck President Barack Hussein Obama jumped to conclusions and punished Russia with sanctions because he was angry that his Democratic crony Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova recently tore into Obama with a brutal statement about what a loser he is. Wrote Zakharova, “Today America, the American people were humiliated by their own president. Not by international terrorists, not by the enemy’s troops.”

She added, “This time Washington was slapped by the own master, who has complicated the urgent tasks for the incoming team in the extreme.” Zakharova said that Obama’s administration is “a group of foreign policy losers, bitter and narrow-minded. Today, Obama officially admitted it.”

She continued, “Mr. Kerry, in this difficult moment for the United States, let me convey you the words of sympathy – you have done all that was possible to avert your country’s collapse in foreign policy. Out of this group of spoilers, I pity only Kerry. He was not an ally. But he tried to be a professional and maintain his human dignity.”

Concluded Zakharova, “This is it, the curtain has dropped. The bad performance is over. The whole world, from the front row to the balcony, is watching a devastating blow to America’s prestige and its leadership, dealt by Barack Obama and his semi-literate foreign policy team, which has exposed its main secret to the world – exceptionalism was a masked helplessness. No enemy of the United States could have done worse.”

Do you agree with the Russian Minister about pathetic Obama?