Rev. Al Sharpton IS GOING TO PRISON!?!

Rev. Al Sharpton has become a millionaire and MSNBC host by race baiting. But for decades, he hasn’t paid millions in back taxes.

Now, according to a bombshell report (below) he’s about to lose his American passport and faces possible prison time! WOW… I didn’t expect this!

According to American News, Obama’s new law H.R. 22 moves to strip passports from anyone who owes more than $50,000 in back taxes. The law went into affect this year, and Obama clearly wasn’t aware that it could hurt one of his closest friends and allies.

The always delusional Sharpton, however, doesn’t seem to be worried.

“We’re talking about old taxes,” he commented. “I think it’s political.”

Sharpton seems to not understand that not paying your taxes is ILLEGAL! Either that, or he’s confident that his relationship with Obama puts him above the law, as the president will do whatever it takes to keep him out of jail.

via Mr. Conservative

There are tax offenders in prison today who owed far less than Rev. Sharpton.

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