‘Peaceful’ Muslim Refugee Brutally Rapes Disabled Women – MEDIA BLIND

Barack Obama is always talking about how peaceful his beloved Muslim “refugees” are, saying they pose no threat to American women. What one Somalian refugee just did to a woman in South Dakota, however, proves that this is a blatant lie.

In reality, American women will never be safe as long as we continue to allow Muslim migrants into our nation…

Though virtually no media, either local or national, reported on it, a Somali refugee in South Dakota was recently convicted of attempting to sexually assault a special-needs disabled woman on the front porch of the facility where she lived.

According to WND, quite literally the only media source to cover the terrible story, 39-year-old Liban Mohamed was convicted of the crime shortly before Christmas and was scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 30. He could face up to five years in prison for the class four felony.

Tipped off by a small local Facebook group discussing the crime that had been committed in Aberdeen in July, reportedly just a week after Mohamed had arrived in the United States, WND spoke to local residents, the local media and the state’s attorney who prosecuted the refugee about what had happened and why it had garnered zero coverage in the media.

“I do know he lived in Aberdeen. The day that it happened, he was staying at the White House Inn hotel in Aberdeen,” explained prosecutor Christopher White.

“What came out at trial, in his defense attorney’s opening statement, was that he arrived in Aberdeen that day and had only been in the United States for approximately a week, and he had come to work at the beef plant in Aberdeen,” White added. “But I don’t know if he had already started working or was about to start work there.”

An editor and reporter for the local newspaper, the Aberdeen American News, both claimed to have never even heard of Mohamed’s arrest, much less his trial or conviction, nor did the local TV news give any coverage to the incident or legal aftermath.

After describing the incident in which Mohamed had approached the 31-year-old disabled woman who had been placed outside on the porch of the facility by the caretaker, only to be caught with his hand between her legs moments later by the same caretaker, WND wondered why the crime and trial had received no coverage, and if this was indicative of other stories regarding crimes committed by refugees being ignored or covered up.

A local political pundit who operates a blog called the South Dakota War College noted the WND coverage and wondered the same thing.

After doing some digging of his own, he finally found one story from the Aberdeen paper, which had only been published after the paper had been challenged by WND, and which contained sloppy factual errors and still refrained from identifying Mohamed as a recently arrived refugee.

You can see a picture of the story in the paper right here:


The pundit remarked that WND certainly had a point to question the lack of coverage on a story that typically would have received plenty of attention in a small town with little day-to-day crime to speak of.

We find ourselves in agreement as well and wonder further whether there have been other refugee-related crimes that have been deliberately overlooked or even covered up in order to protect a political narrative.

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