Mexico Makes Massive Announcement About Trump

Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to America. No one thought he actually could do this (except Trump of course.)

Trump got Carrier to stay in Indiana. He just got Ford to cancel plans to build a $1.6 billion-dollar plant in Mexico. He put GM on notice.

Now Mexican officials are getting nervous. They know the gravy train is over.

“Trump leaves Mexico without 3,600 jobs,” read one headline in El Universal, a major newspaper in Mexico.

Sorry Charlie those are our jobs and we want them back. Mexican analyst Alejandro Hope says Ford scraping their new plant is a “much-needed wake-up call.”

“It shows how much actual leverage Trump has within specific companies, which is far greater than what Mexican elites thought until recently,” Hope said.

“They claimed that at the end of the day economic interests would prevail over political messaging. That’s clearly not the case.”

Get used to the new reality. Those jobs are coming back.

El Universal said in an editorial,

“Mexico loses thousands of jobs with no word on a clear strategy for confronting the next U.S. government which has presented itself as protectionist and, especially, anti-Mexican,

“Trump will try to recover as many U.S. companies that have set up in Mexico as possible. He will try to make them return at whatever cost, through threats or using public resources.”

Damn right he will.

Hope said more companies like Ford’s will move back to the USA saying,

“It certainly shows that the idea that the status quo was entrenched was false.”

“This should put us on notice that when he says that he wants to renegotiate NAFTA, he means it.”

Damn Right.