Megyn Kelly Gets Some DEVASTATING News After Leaving Fox News

Last week, Megyn Kelly shocked everyone when she abruptly left Fox News to take a job at NBC News. Though she was initially happy with her decision, it has since become clear that she made a huge mistake.

A new Morning Consult poll revealed that Kelly has likely lost her conservative and Trump supporting fans with her decision to move to NBC. Breitbart reported that 26% of Trump supporters said that they are less likely to watch Kelly now that she has left Fox.

Though 29% of Hillary Clinton supporters said that they are more likely to watch Kelly on NBC, it is unlikely that they will follow through with this. Though Kelly was arguably the most liberal person at Fox, she is now the most conservative person at NBC, meaning that liberals will quickly get turned off by her.

With her move to NBC, Kelly may have just alienated both liberals and conservatives, leaving her with almost no fans left.

The three-show deal Kelly took at NBC isn’t looking good for her either. Newsweek reported that the first show Kelly was given was a daytime talk show, which has few models for success. Hard news hosts like Kelly don’t tend to do well in the soft, fluffy world of daytime, so it is predicted that this show will fail quickly. Secondly, Kelly was given a Sunday night news show, which is typically a leader in ratings losses. With that time slot, it will be exceedingly difficult for Kelly to develop any kind of loyal fanbase.

Finally, the door has been left open for the hard-hitting Kelly to join the incredibly soft, 9am hour of the Today show. If she were to do this, she would likely fail faster than she will on her other two NBC shows.

Many experts predict that NBC will end up removing Kelly from their main network and exciting her to MSNBC, which would mean she will have fallen from the top-rated news network to the lowest.

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