Lovely! Meet The First Puppy! Patton Is Barron’s Biggest Love!

The President-elect needs to fill this huge void in his administration ASAP.

He kept people’s jobs, and brought 50,000 new jobs fron Japan.

Trump picked the members of his cabinet regardless of their attitude towards his campaign.

But, it turns out that he did miss something. The “first pooch!”

Here’s Trump’s nine-week-old poodle and golden retriever baby, something experts know as a Goldendoodle. He got it from Lois Pope, a philanthropist and animal welfare advocate.

Trump named it after his WWII idol. Patton.

Pope captured a photo of Patton, Trump got to see it first on Thanksgiving at his Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago estate.

Pope took a cell phone photo of Patton and showed it to Trump on Thanksgiving at his Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago estate.

As Bizpac Review reports, now Patton is Melania’s a “hero dog.” This happened after Trump learned that the puppy is an offspring of U.S. military service dogs.

“He is not a ‘hero dog,’ but he comes from a lineage of hero dogs, dogs who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Pope said.

Pope had to do one last thing before bringing the dog to the Trumps. The 10-year-old Barron was the ultimate authority.

“I’m sure he’ll want it,” Trump told Pope.

“I’d never seen such a big smile on anyone’s face,” Pope said. “It’s worth all this time and the trouble and effort putting into this for [Barron].”

The tradition of having a first dog in the first families has been around for 150 years now.

“He’s going to be a perfect dog for Barron. He’s the one that I’m really doing this for,” Pope explained. “That’s going to be quite a transition for him. He’s only 10 years old and his dad is going to be the leader of the free world.”

Do you think Patton is cute? Is it fit to the role?