Krauthammer Brutally Exposes Obama As A Narcissist On Fox News, Megyn Kelly Speechless

Krauthammer joined Megyn Kelly on her show to expose what a narcissist Obama has really been now that his presidency is coming to an end. Megyn Kelly started out the segment by pointing out that Obama, unlike many past presidents says he will “stay in Washington D.C. and continue fighting the will of the American people”.

This is very different from many presidents in the past. Krauthammer’s response left her speechless.
“Look at what Obama did today. He essentially wrote a letter justifying his eight years in office,” started Krauthammer.

“When presidents leave office, they generally don’t make a plea on their own behalf. It’s beneath them. This really is a matter of — narcissism is probably overstating it — but he says his own reputation is at stake,” he continued.

“I don’t think George W. Bush cared as much. I think he thought history will decide how he did, and he didn’t have to meddle in that,” said Krauthammer.

“As a matter of sort of decency, you let your successor operate — see how he does — and don’t heckle him from the sidelines. I’m not sure Obama plays on the same playbook,” he said.

Do you agree with him? Obama has been doing everything possible to sabotage and delegitimize Trump. Is this all apart of Obama’s enormous ego?