Ivanka Trump’s Under Liberal Assault – She Needs Our Help

Ivanka Trump has been under liberal assault since her father announced his intentions to run for President. They tried and failed to boycott her fashion brand. Thanks, in part to the boycott, Ivanka’s sales skyrocketed.

They went after her on an airplane when she was with her children. In that incident, she was attacked for flying coach rather than private. When she should be applauded, the opposite happens so you know liberal’s intentions are not pure.

Liberals are intolerant hypocrites. The latest assault on Ivanka Trump proves that beyond doubt. As Ivanka prepares to move to Washington with her family, protesters have staked out her New York residence and are attempting disrupt her move.

They call their protest “Help Ivanka Move.” They attempted to give Ivanka cardboard moving boxes with black lives matter slogans, with one reading:

“Dear Ivanka, please don’t forget to pack human decency.”

This is why liberals have lost all power in this country. They can’t even come up with good slogans.

I’ll take Make America Great Again over their emotionless catch phrases. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.