Italy Announces Shocking New Muslim Immigration Policy

According to Yahoo News, Italy has a brand new Trumpian policy towards its Muslim immigrants.

Italy will look to deport more illegal migrants as well as open new detention centers to hold them before their expulsion.

Police chief Franco Gabrielli sent an urgent message to law enforcement across the country Friday ordering them to increase their efforts to identify and deport Muslim migrants.

This action comes a week after the Berlin Christmas market attack, whose perpetrator, Anis Amri was shot dead near Milan.

Amri was in Italy illegally and should have been deported after he spent a few years in an Italian jail.

That he could slip through the cracks is a dark humiliating stain in Italy’s immigration policy.

Now they are swiftly moving to reverse the appeasement course, practiced by most European countries.

And a policy that has been rejected by a clear majority of Europe’s population.

Italy’s order says police should take “extraordinary action” before the “growing migratory pressure in an international context marked by instability and threats” to “control and remove irregular foreigners.”

The tough new stance is the first major policy change made by new Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni’s government which took power after a popular backlash against the previous administration’s lax immigration policies.

Sound familiar? Germany will be the next to get tough after Merkel loses. Which will allow Donald Trump to create a worldwide coalition to crush ISIS.