If Rand Paul Is Right, John McCain Could Be Going To JAIL Very SOON!

Our intelligence agencies totally ruined their reputation and they have no more dignity before the eyes of the nation. Why? Because hundreds of social incidents were provoked by their dirty work in the past decade, but now they reached the zenith. We heard a lot from the CIA about how bad and sick the conservatives are, but they never mentioned ANYTHING  about the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. John McCain is completely out of their pathetic stories against Donald Trump or the conservatives in the USA or around the world.

They say Russia is the main suspect for EVERYTHING, how could it be possible when the CIA, for example, spies on every single American ( read Snowden’s reports, he is an ex-CIA agent and a big patriot who revealed the real face of the liberal government and their influence in the intelligence agencies)? That is nothing but hypocrisy and taking away the public attention from the real threats and problems.  Do you know what a real threat is?? JOHN MC CAIN!

You can see dozens of articles on the internet( NOT ON THE FAKE MAINSTREAM MEDIA NEWS) where you can read about McCain’s crimes. You can even see pictures of McCain with the leaders of ISIS and other jihadist group actions. It seems that McCain was the primal link between the Muslim terrorist monsters and Obama/Clinton.

This sick, so called, “politician” can face serious fines if the last accusations against him are true. In addition, you can watch the video with Sen. Rand Paul and his statements against McCain about the last CIA public leaked intel that was supposed to be a top-secret report for the elect President Donald Trump. This is really serious crime and a big shame!


After this serious accusations McCain, in his very style, passed the ball to the FBI and with the uncertain answer left the place, hide in his cave and disappeared from the face of Earth. That is how sick these liberals are. McCain, you are ENEMY of the American people, you are not our representative, but you’re just a puppet supposed to make a total chaos. You will not succeed, and MAYBE, you could visit a jail, not to check on your loving Muslim-terrorist friends, but to be an inmate!