General Mattis Is Mad As Hell At Obama For Lack Of Carriers

James Mattis will not be pleased with the lack of carriers in the Middle East! Obama has failed us all again.

Obama is a traitor! Oh yeah! We all know.

The U.S. now has no carrier in the Middle East after the USS Dwight D Eisenhower came back to Norfolk, VA., on Friday. This lone aircraft carrier was conducting aerial operations against ISIS.

Mattis had ordered two carriers to in the area to keep tabs on Iran’s behavior in the Persian Gulf. He said this: “It’s more difficult for me to reassure our friends and deter Iran” without a second carrier, Mattis told the Senate 3 years ago.

That’s why we need Trump right now!

Trump will make being strong a key part of his military readiness.

“Trump’s plans are actually to build more ships and maintain a higher number of troops and aircraft. It will go a lot further than words to convince the world that we remain strong. It will help us to maintain the peace,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, according to Defense News.

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