Clarence Thomas Announces Shocking Inauguration Surprise

Democrats in the United States love to present the image that all African-Americans are automatically liberals who support the Democratic party and its leftist vision of the world. They forget the fact that the black community can think for itself and has produced people of great prominence who fit on all parts of the political spectrum.

One of these noteworthy African-Americans who liberals routinely pretend don’t exist is distinguished conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Liberals in Obama’s government recently angered Thomas and his political allies by entirely failing to include him in the government-funded Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History in Culture in Washington, D.C. In a surprise move, Thomas will be sending these nasty liberals an epic message.

According to reports, Vice President Mike Pence will be making history when he is sworn in during the inauguration. Clarence Thomas has decided to swear in Pence, and thus will be the very first African-American Supreme Court justice to administer the oath of office to a vice president or president.

Liberals will not stop assailing our country’s 45th President Donald Trump, with some going so far as to say that he is “not a legitimate President.” Thomas is no stranger to these terrible liberal tactics, as they tried to take him down with a sex scandal when he was nominated to the Supreme Court.

Thomas has trashed Obama’s use of the courts to advance his agenda, saying, “With such unchecked judicial power, the court day-by-day, case-by-case, is busy designing the Constitution — as Justice [Antonin] Scalia once quipped — instead of interpreting it.” Thomas clearly found a kindred spirit in Pence, who has said, “The modern presidency has drifted far from the great strength and illumination of its source: the Constitution.” Are you proud that Clarence Thomas is sending a clear message to liberals about supporting Trump and Pence?