BUSTED! After Schumer Cries About Refugee Ban, Audio Leaks That Will RUIN HIM FOREV ER!

Chuck Schumer went on TV and cried like a baby over Trump’s refugee order. Trump immediately called him out saying he knows Chuck very well and those were “Fake Tears”

Audio just leaked and proves Trump was right and Schumer is the worst kind of hypocrite.

NumbersUSA found and released this recording from Chuck Schumer back in 2015 saying that a temporary BAN on refugees is “necessary.”

There is no way he can recover from this. If any liberal supports him, you know they are suspect too.

Chuck Schumer in 2015: Temporary Refugee Ban "May Be Necessary"

**BREAKING**New audio from Senator Chuck Schumer just surfaced from 2015 when he said a refugee pause "may be necessary"

Posted by NumbersUSA on Monday, January 30, 2017