Bikers For Trump Holding MASSIVE Pro-Trump Rally

Bikers for Trump, the motorcycle organization mostly comprised of veterans and motorcycle enthusiasts who support President-Elect Donald Trump , are planning on attending the inauguration in massive numbers.

They made their presence known at the Republican National Committee and have been on hand at other protest events to stand-up for America and stop Anti-Trump thugs from causing damage and disruptions across our great land.

Scores of bikers are riding into DC this week for the inauguration, and they aren’t planning on sitting around. They are organizing a massive rally in support of our President-elect. This is what democracy looks like!

Via Washington Post:

The group obtained a permit for what is expected to be the largest pro-Trump rally held by a private group in the nation’s capital timed to the inauguration. Cox calls the planned event at John Marshall Park a “halftime rally” and said there will be speakers, musical performances and upward of 5,000 bikers in attendance.

They’re also willing to step-up and provide security against anti-Trump anarchist protesters.

I’m sure once these snivelling weakling liberals see a mass of leather-clad bad-a** bikers heading their way they’ll scatter and run back to their University quads and “community-run” coffee houses.

I’m glad there are Americans who are taking time out of their lives to stand up for America and stand with President Trump. The media and the Democrats have already declared him the worst President of all time. There will be a lot of protesters there trying to disrupt this peaceful transition of democracy. We can’t let them win! We, The People have to stand up for our country.

Thank you, Bikers for Trump. Thank you for standing with our soon-to-be President and with the will of the People!

Are you attending the inauguration? Do you support Bikers for Trump? Share your thoughts in the comments below.