Bikers Plan To Protect Trump Inauguration In Most Epic Way

On January 20th, inauguration day, thousands of bikers will gather and ride together into DC in support of President Trump. Bikers for Trump has been a visible presence on the campaign trail, often doubling as emergency security when the lines to get into one of Trump’s huge rallies were too long for the police to handle.

They never reported finding any trouble save the frequent liberal, paid by Hillary, to stir up some noise.

They released a statement saying,

“The Pipe Dreamer is at it again. DC bound. Details are in the works. But we want to be there to welcome President Donald Trump.

“We are many and varied but we unite as one regardless of color, creed, or religion.  We are Americans. ”

“Our main objective is to show our Love for our new President and unite as one in a collective effort in Solidarity Brotherhood and Unity. God Bless America.”

The group has over 2 million followers on facebook. As of now there is no estimate of how many will attend.

But you can be sure they will be there in force and will be heard.