Ben Carson Epic Response To Anti-Christian Liberal

Ben Carson has been magnificent this whole campaign. He came from nowhere and shot straight to the top of the polls. Ben Carson and Trump rode the anti-establishment wave all the way to Washington DC. Trump as President and Carson as HUD Secretary.

Both men had to deal with haters, some from within their own party but mostly from jealous liberals aghast at their rapid rise to the top levels of power in America.

The voters, contrary to what the liberals think, are not stupid. We make informed choices. We know what is best for this nation. That’s why we chose Trump and not Hillary.

Hillary would have been a disaster, especially for the black communities. And it is here among the inner cities where Dr. Ben Carson did his best, most thankless work.

Thankless because members of the African-American community were all in the tank for Hillary. The democrats have a well-known bribe machine otherwise known as the “get out the vote operation.”

Ben Carson brought Trump into the inner cities in Detroit where Ben grew up. He had Trump actually spend time in these communities and learn their real problems. Unlike Hillary who just took them for granted.

Ben helped get Donald elected and that brought out the haters even more. ben has many great comebacks but for me this is his best.

Some anti-Trump atheist was harassing him from the audience, ripping hi  for supporting Trump and his faith when Ben had enough and said to the jackass,

“I believe I came from God and you believe you came from a monkey…and you’ve convinced me you are right.”

Well played Dr. Carson, well played.