BREAKING: The Results From Day 2 Of Wisconsin Recount Are IN, And They’re Nothing Short of STUNNING

You wanted recount libs, and here it is. Donald Trump continues to beat Hillary with more votes than they though. This is so embarrassing for Hillary and Dems. After two full days of recounts in Wisconsin, President-elect Donald Trump is up two votes on Hillary Clinton.

In all, Trump has gained five votes to Clinton’s three – for a difference of two.

We know the recount in Pennsylvania won’t take place after the Green Party backed out yesterday.

This is all for show; an attempt to halt electors from voting for Trump.

Time to end the charade.

After two days, more than 500 precincts around the state have completed their recounts, about one-seventh of the total. Excluding those in the city of Milwaukee*, where absentee ballot recounts have not yet been completed (and are conducted centrally rather than in the precincts), the overall change thus far has been to add five votes to Trump’s totals and three to Hillary Clinton’s.

Stein has picked up 24 votes, mostly from one county that had left off her vote total in error on its tally sheet. At this rate, we’re looking at an overall shift of less than 100 votes in Trump’s lead of 22,000 — and in his favor, not Hillary’s, and certainly not Stein’s.

At this pace, the state should finish its recount before the safe-harbor deadline of December 13th, assuming that the federal court doesn’t order it shut down. In the future, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker wants to make it much more difficult for fringe candidates to tie up election results:

“Well I think we need to call it what it is, this is nothing more than a fundraising scheme for the Green Party,” Governor Walker said. “They’re using this to both raise money for the recount, for which they haven’t committed to using all of it for a recount, they’ll probably keep some of it, and then they’ll create a long-term mailing list that they’ll use for their political function.”

Green Party candidate Jill Stein requested the recount, citing concerns election machines used in the state may have been tampered with. Stein has yet to provide evidence of such tampering, as Walker believes that the outcome in the Badger State likely won’t change.

“Even though it seems ridiculous to put clerks across the state, who are in the process of making sure property tax bills are out, collecting those property taxes through the end of the year, they’ve already had a big election cycle to go through,” said Walker. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s legal, they can do it.”

What a waste of everyone’s time.

The counters.

The people of Wisconsin.

Donald Trump.

And Americans in general.