[Video] Barron Trump Posts Awesome America First Video

The old saying the apple doesn’t fall from the tree definitely applies with Donald and Barron Trump. 10-year-old Barron just posted an impassioned plea to keep our schools English only. I am sure he is not worried about his school, although it is in the liberal bastion of New York City.

Roughly 30 states in America recognize English as their official language. The remaining does not have an official language.

Some states mandate English only be used in classrooms, including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, among others.

Obama has authorized rules that discriminate against English-only workplaces. These rules will soon be overturned by Donald Trump.

Along with most of Obama’s failed legacy.


Barron has a message for Obama. We are going to fix our schools when you leave too. Mandating English in schools should be a no-brainer, of course, but the liberals have long worked to undermine the fabric and institutions of America.

They have resisted efforts to mandate all our children learn English. Despite it being the compassionate thing to do. Immigrants who never learn English are at a total disadvantage in this country.

For the sake of their futures all should learn English.  To not mandate this, at least for children, will end up harming not helping these kids.

If they can’t learn English they will never get good jobs. They will stay ignorant and helpless, maybe that’s why the democrats don’t want them to learn English?

Beholden to the democratic party who will use their votes to continue looting America at the expense of all its citizens. Not just republicans. Democrat supporters stand the most to gain from republican policies, as they will finally have a voice.

Democrats took them for granted. Trump wants everyone to win.

Watch the Barron Trump video below and be sure to tell me what you think.