Trump’s Approval Rating Hits All Time High

Donald Trump’s approval ratings are at an all-time high according to new data just released Rasmussen. According to their data, 51% of the population approves of Trump. Slightly more than half Americans support Trump, a clear majority in such partisan times.

This wasn’t the case during the liberal witch-hunt, I mean campaign to discredit Trump at every turn. In fact, that was one of the liberal’s main delusions, “Trump can’t win because he can’t get above 46% approval ratings.”

No president has won a general election with below 46% national approval ratings. They said Trump would never get there. They did everything they could to smear him so he would never get there.

Wrong again liberal.

Trump has gone far past 46% to 51%. It may not seem like a large amount, but statistically, it represents a huge shift in how American’s view Trump.

Because Americans have finally seen Trump in action, from the carrier to the Air Force One deal, his numbers have shot up.

We see Trump winning. Getting America a better deal. Finally.

My guess is after Trump officially takes office these approval numbers are going to go up up and away.