Trump’s 20 Million Donation in Peril

Earlier we reported how The Eric Trump Foundation was donating $20 million dollars to St Jude’s Children Hospital. St Jude’s is devoted to helping children with rare or incurable diseases. It does god’s work.

Eric Trump has called St Jude’s as a “national treasure.”

He said at the time of the donation, that he “was proud to be a part of such an important organization.” While he acknowledged “how blessed I am to have healthy children I understand the importance of charity, to help others less fortunate, and in this case I want to help find a solution for pediatric cancer. The disease that takes so many young children before their time.”

Eric Trump has single-handedly funded the new intensive care unit at St. Jude, which provides free medical care for children.

But all that must stop because the liberals are up in arms over potential conflicts of interest. Erick’s foundation tweeted this simple call for donations to help the sick kids

“Click Here to Bid on a Private Coffee with Ivanka Trump in NYC or DC to benefit The @EricTrumpFdn for @StJude!”

And the liberals went nuts. Said they are selling access.

So to protect his father form this vicious onslaught Eric did the only thing he could, he is closing the foundation.

Eric Trump in an interview with The New York Times that he will wind down the Eric Trump Foundation — which had just one employee (all the money goes to the kids unlike Clinton’s slush fund)— but plans to continue public advocacy against childhood cancer.

As unfortunate as it is, I understand the quagmire,” Eric said. “You do a good thing that backfires.

Donald Trump is pissed, deservedly so from where I am sitting and said this,

I am sure Donald will have more to say on this matter after Jan 20th.