Sheriff Clarke Has Trump’s Back, Just Made Major Announcement

Some people in the Democratic party and the establishment as a whole have been criticizing President-Elect’s cabinet picks, most notably his choice of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Sheriff Clarke, who is under consideration for a major cabinet position, has had enough of this foolish talk, and just came to Trump’s aide in a huge way, setting people straight for good about claims that Sessions is somehow “racist.” Sheriff Clerke said:

“And this man, this fine man, I’m tired of people having their character assassinated by this, almost like a sport that the left likes to play.”

He added, “When you can’t beat somebody on the merits, just throw the “R” word up there and then watch them squim and squirm, and then try to get out of it. … I get tired of this “R” word being bandied about. Like I said, it’s as if it’s some sort of sport.”

“I refer to myself as a—when somebody says, well, sheriff, where are you from, I’d tell them—I’d tell them I’m a Milwaukee boy, OK. If some people are offended by that, I get that but that’s being hypersensitive.”

Do you agree with Sheriff Clarke? Watch below: