Friend Of Trump Shaquille O’Neal Fights Back Against Stupid Recount


Shaquille O’Neal, well-known friend of President-elect Donald Trump has had enough.  He thinks the country has had enough of this election as well.  And he isn’t shy about telling anti-democracy liberals who are clinging to the doomed recount what he thinks about them.

In an interview with The Hill he said,

“Donald Trump won the election fair and square, and rather than call for recounts, voters should give the president-elect a chance.”

“Now that he’s president-elect, you just hope that he can make the world a better place. He won fair and square. We have to give him a chance,” added O’Neal. “There’s no need talking about recounts and this and that.”

The basketball hall-of-famer is also a reserve officer in the Florida Police Department. He is on a mission to help cops stay safe. To that end he is trying to raise money for police office training programs with

“We’re trying to help raise funds so officers can help get properly trained when it comes to drunk and distracted drivers. You’re talking about being impaired, you have to focus on the four D’s: drunk, drowsiness, distracted and drugged,” said O’Neal.

“Training that helps officers to recognize impaired driving is very long, very time-consuming and very costly. A lot of these municipalities don’t have the funding that they need.”

Keep up the good work Shaq.