Russia Called Out CNN For Telling Huge Lies To Help Obama

Today has been an absolute Sh*t show for Obama after he decided to attack Russia for “hacking the election.” He was hoping he could force Vladimir Putin into retaliating, but he was in total shock when Putin responded that he would not do a damn thing and just wait for President Donald Trump.

However, the fight was not over. To try and make Obama look less dumb, CNN reported that Putin was gonna shut down an American school in Moscow as revenge. 


The school they discussed is 1 K-12 school attended by children of top diplomats from America, England, and Canada as well as some Elite Russian families. (H/T –Daily Mail)

Does this remind you of the election at all? Remember when the media kept lying every single day about Hillary Clinton “winning by a landslide”? Yeah, well it looks like they still won’t give up.

Don’t be too surprised if the onslaught of liberal assaults by the media continues. They clearly want to sabotage Donald Trump so they can impeach him on totally fake charges.

We the people need to stand strong. He is OUR President. We ELECTED him. If they wanna have a media war, then we need to fight back by sharing articles like THIS out all over Facebook to expose them!!