‘Peaceful’ Muslim ‘Refugee’ Brutally RAPES Elderly Homeless Woman On Street

Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal cronies are always talking about how peaceful Muslim “refugees” are, and how they just want to be part of our culture. Stories like this, however, remind us that that is often not the case at all.

Ibraham Salem, 38, is a Muslim refugee who migrated from Eritrea to Portugal, where he was given asylum by a bleeding-heart liberal organization because he claimed to be a poor, persecuted war refugee. However, in reality, Salem planned to perpetuate the violence that he claimed to be fleeing in his new home.

Mad World News reported that Salem was walking down a city street just before 5am on December 1 when he spotted a 67 year-old homeless woman sheltering herself from the cold in the doorway of a bank. Salem had only been in the country since October 28, but he saw this as his first big opportunity to carry out jihad.

Salem quickly descended on the homeless woman, brutally beating her and tearing off her clothes and raping her on the street. Finally, a 21 year-old came upon the attack and intervened, chasing Salem down and holding him until police arrived.


“I chased him to the old bus terminal and grabbed him,” the 21-year-old man said. “I alerted the police to the situation and was able to hand the [attacker] over to them.”

The Good Samaritan added that the woman had been beaten so bad that she was “convulsing” and “blood was everywhere.” She remains in critical condition with fractures to her nose and jaw “through the use of physical force.”

This reminds us that we never really know what Muslim refugees are capable of when we welcome them into our countries. When Salem was brought into Portugal, there was no way of knowing whether he was actually a peaceful war refugee, or if he was a violent migrant.

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