Melania Trump In Hot Water After Wearing ‘Very Short Dress’ To Midnight Mass Service

You know… I have never seen a President get a standing ovation in church before. That should be the media’s headline here. But what does the media focus on? Shocker! Melania wore a short skirt and heels to midnight mass. Big freaking deal. Now, if she’d shown up in a burqa, I might have said that was news, but this is just stupid. As the President-elect and First Lady walked into the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea under tight security, the parishioners rose and cheered wildly for Donald Trump. That is historic, not Melania’s hemline.

Last year for midnight mass, Donald Trump took his son Barron to this same church. The Trumps observed Easter here as well. It is a far, far cry from what Barack Obama did during his presidency. It is obvious that the Trumps are indeed observant Christians and that is a refreshing change. I don’t care if that is politically correct or not.

Congregants were all searched before entering the church and that is not surprising. ISIS issued a list of churches in the US they want to attack last week, so this makes sense. Anywhere President-elect Trump goes will have very high security anyway. Not only is the Secret Service there, Trump has his own private security as well. He’s no fool. All went smoothly and well though and it was a humbling and beautiful occasion for the Trumps.


From the Daily Mail:

Melania Trump joined her president-elect husband for midnight mass in Florida wearing a very short mini dress as fellow churchgoers cheered wildly as they arrived.

Trump and his wife kicked off Christmas by attending midnight services at an Episcopal church in Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday night.

They were pictured arriving at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea at about 10.30pm.

It is the same church where the couple were married in 2005.

Melania stood by Trump dressed in the mini dress and heels as they spoke to a minister in the church doorway.

Liberals are always talking about how important feminism is and how bad it is to “slut-shame” someone, but Melania appears to be fair game for them. Throughout her husband’s presidential campaign, Melania was repeatedly attacked for being a sexy woman and for her modeling past.

What these liberals are ignoring is the fact that this church is in FLORIDA, where it was incredibly hot over the weekend. On top of that, it doesn’t matter what Melania wore to the house of God. Instead, it matters that she took the time to attend church to give thanks to Christ on his birthday.


President-elect Trump took time to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. In light of what Obama just did at the UN by stabbing Israel in the back, this takes on a special meaning this year. Come January 20th, things are going to change between the UN and the US. I hope Trump cuts them off for this and ditches them.

This is also the church that the Trumps were married in. That ceremony was in 2005. Trump is bringing back Merry Christmas! across the nation and Americans are thrilled by that move. It may indeed be a Happy New Year and it will surely shake things up in DC and abroad. I think that deserves a toast or two.





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