Judge Orders Unsealing of Search Warrant in Clinton Email Investigation

Christmas is less than one week away and a federal judge just gave Hillary Clinton the worst possible gift imaginable.

The judge, U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel has ordered the unsealing of a search warrant that played a crucial role in the reopening of Hillary Clinton’s private email server just weeks before the General Election.

The search warrant that the judge ordered unsealed involved the FBI’s request for permission to search emails contained on a laptop of Anthony Weiner, the husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The FBI became of the emails after it initially gained access to the laptop during an investigation into Weiner’s alleged sexual correspondence with a minor.

From Politico:

U.S. District Court Judge P. Kevin Castel issued an order Monday that the warrant linked to the Clinton probe and related records be unsealed at noon Tuesday unless a higher court steps in. The judge acted after E. Randal Schoenberg, a California lawyer who mainly investigates art thefts, filed a suit seeking to force unsealing of the files.

The records to be unsealed will show how the FBI framed its arguments for the search warrant to access the emails. An affidavit submitted when seeking the warrant could reflect what the FBI told the magistrate involved about how likely the emails were to contain evidence of a crime.

While Department of Justice prosecutors initially objected to unsealing the search warrant, last week they did agree to a sealed admission that “much of the information could be made public with redactions about an unnamed person, who appears to be Weiner.”

More from the report:

Castel said that information in the documents referencing another person should also be deleted due to that person’s “strong privacy interest in keeping his or her identity secret.” That person, called “Subject 2” in the public paperwork, may be Abedin.

“The judicial determination whether to grant a search warrant and thus allow the government to enter and search private property, directly affects individuals’ substantive rights,” wrote Castel, an appointee of President George W. Bush. “Documents that a court relies on in making this determination, such as affidavits, directly affect the court’s adjudication of those rights. … The common law presumption of access to the search warrant and related materials sought by this applicant is thus entitled to great weight.”

This order from Judge Castel is horrible for Mrs. Clinton as she had hoped to make the investigation into her private email server disappear now that the election is over. This order certainly won’t help Clinton’s desire to ignore her email server.

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