WHOA! Rudy Giuliani Just Called Hillary Clinton A STUPID LIAR ON LIVE TV

After series of scandals that are following Hillary Clinton lately, the most recent one was about ‘classified’ emails sent through her private server. Hillary negates it all saying that she didn’t even know what ‘classified’ means. Well come on, it was obviously another lie from her, but Rudy had it enough, no more lies. It’s very strange that somebody in  that position doesn’t know what ‘classified information’ means. Hillary Clinton used her concussion as an “excuse” for her mishandling of classified information during her interview with the FBI, but look what Giuliani had to say about that on “Fox and Friends Weekend” this morning:

She’s either stupid, incompetent due to brain injury or simply lying, and he believes it’s the latter.

Rudy mentioned that there were multiple times during Clinton’s interview with the FBI when she said she “couldn’t recall” something:

“I think it’s the liar’s retreat – ‘I can’t remember, I don’t recall’ – rather than brain injury.”

“I don’t think she’s massively brain damaged, but I do think she’s a massive liar.”

“We have only two answers to why she doesn’t know – why the Secretary of State of the United states doesn’t know – that a ‘C’ in front of a paragraph means ‘Confidential Information’: 1. She’s stupid, or 2. She’s lying.”

Rudy just said it live, what we all think ! Both answers are correct and we can’t allow that such person become our next president. Trump for president !