Democrats Are Gonna SABOTAGE Trump’s Inauguration! Look at Their SICK Plan…

All Donald Trump really wanted was a smooth transition to power so he could get to work saving our country. Unfortunately, there was no way in HELL the Democrats were gonna let him get off that easy…

Didn’t it seem suspicious that so many A-List performers were coming out to REFUSE the inauguration?

Well, it turns out that the Democrats are planning an anti-Trump event DURING his inauguration and are bringing all the Pro-Hillary Celebs to back them up!!


According to Politico, Democratic concert promoter Mark Ross, the son of deceased Time Warner CEO Steve Ross, is putting together his ‘We the People’ concert to try and draw attention away from Trump. (H/T – Daily Mai)

A source from within the group reportedly told Politico,


You know what, this is just like the Democrats to plan something like this. Plenty of Republicans were upset about Obama, but you didn’t see them coming up with Plans to sabotage his inauguration.

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