CONGRESS IS PI$$ED! Look What They Just Did to the UN After Screwing Israel

Over the weekend the Obama Administration proved it literally gives less $hits about Israel than it does terrorist countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Luckily for us, Obama is NOT America, and now Congress is striking back with a vengeance!

**Today the Republican Congress announced that they will not let Israel get screwed by Obama and the UN by threatening to defund the UN and all the countries who voted to hurt our friend Israel.

It’s a shame we can’t defund Obama, too. His cheating ass will make off like a Bandit after he leaves office.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, the Free Beacon revealed that Senior members of Obama’s admin had been working behind the scene to make sure everyone voted in favor of Palestine!

Not only is the UN making houses in the West Bank illegal, they are also telling Israel they can no longer build in Jerusalem even though Jerusalem is the TRUE capital of Israel.

This is sick. Why is the USA in a love-affair with Radical Islam. The Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes. All they have ever done is overthrow secular governments and promote radicalization. Israel is the last stronghold left!

We need to show our support of Israel by standing together strong, sharing this out, and telling the world WE STAND BY ISRAEL!!