BREAKING: Romney Will NOT Get Secretary Of State Position! Well Done!

BREAKING! One of the most important news today is whether will Mitt Romney is the new secretary of state.
Trump supporters never really liked him, but he was one of the key players of the Republican Party since before the elections in 2012.  Some people will disagree, but anyways, Donald Trump has to make the final decision.

Newsmax reports:

While Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani have both appeared to be the leading candidates, Trump has expanded well beyond them. A transition source tells Newsmax that Romney will not get State. His appointment will antagonize Trump’s core base, and though the rapprochement is real between the two, Trump can’t pick him for the top job.

This position may be crucial for the new administration. Donald Trump is pretty serious when it comes to foreign relations. As he already said, America will take no part in pulling down political regimes in foreign (independent) countries and creating proxy-wars, but to focus on building good relations and partnerships with lots of countries.

This plan is, in fact, a great news. The last 8 years we ruined American reputation and weakened our global strategic position. The previous administration did nothing, except that they put our soldiers in danger with no purpose. Donald Trump will bring peace and prosperity. That is how you make America great again! Whoever becomes secretary of state, there is no doubt he’s going to change some things.