Al Sharpton Facing Jail Time After Obama Leaves Office

Proud race-baiter Reverend Al Sharpton promised that he would leave the country if Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. However, it now looks like he won’t be going anywhere, as rumor has it his passport is about to be revoked due to his problems with the law.

American News reported that H.R. 22 contains a provision authorizing the State Department to revoke the passport of any Americans who owe the IRS over $50,000 in taxes. This comes as bad news to Sharpton, since he currently owes the IRS millions in taxes.

“If this bill becomes law, it will be imperative for Americans traveling abroad or living abroad to pay attention to IRS notices,” said David Kautter, a partner at a Washington-based accounting firm.

The bill was just passed and will officially become law at the beginning of 2017. Unfortunately for Sharpton, this is when his friend Barack Obama will be leaving office, so he won’t have the protection of the White House anymore.

Sharpton has made it clear that he has no intention of paying anything, instead trying to make a conspiracy theory out of this by claiming the IRS is going after him for “political reasons.”

“We’re talking about old taxes,” he told reporters earlier this year. “I think it’s political.”

Yeah, right…

Sharpton spent months swearing up and down that he would flee America immediately after Trump’s victory. Now that he can’t go anywhere, however, he is trying to save face by claiming he was never actually serious about leaving.

“I mean, all of us said that. That was said in jest,” Sharpton said of his pledge to leave, according to Conservative 101. “We’re not going anywhere. Clearly, it was said in jest. If that’s the comfort they got, they might as well get ready for an uncomfortable ride. Mr. Trump better saddle up.”

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