You Will Jump for Joy When You See What Black Americans Just Gave Donald Trump!


Wait, did Donald Trump just steal the black vote from Hillary Clinton in under 1 week?

Well actually, he is coming pretty damn close. According to a new LA Times/USC 2 weeks ago, Trump was polling at just 3% with black Americans.

Now Donald Trump has 19.6% of all black American support. That’s 17 points in 2 just weeks!


But the good news does not stop there. If Trump is winning black votes, you know Hillary’s gotta be tanking.

Clinton’s backing among African Americans has dropped from 90.4 percent on September 10 to just 71.4 percent!

It looks like black Americans are getting fed up with the decades of lies by the Democratic party that their lives and communities will get better.

Welfare does not heal communities. Jobs do! Donald Trump is a jobs president.


Not only that, he also will make America SAFE again. There are too many unnecessary black deaths in our country today and Donald Trump’s reforms will fix that.

These are the reasons Trump’s message resonates with so many people. Now we gotta give him a hand by sharing this out. Trump needs your help now more than ever guys. This is the final stretch!


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