WOW! Hillary Supporters Made SICK Threats to Our Police Last Night! Donald Trump is P*SSED!


The liberal media wants you to believe that  the people on the streets protesting the election are just “peaceful protesters” exercising their first amendment right. That is a lie! These are not protesters, they are rioters, and now they have focused their hate on our brave Police Officers.

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“Last night, angry anti-Trump protesters chanted “KILL THE POLICE” at officers while throwing bottles and rocks at them.”

Several officers were hurt and a total of 7 rioters were arrested.

Police are not the only victims, Trump supporters are being attacked throughout the country. Many have seen the video of a white man being beaten in the street by a group of African Americans because of his support for Trump.

Trump supporter and immigrant, Valic Muntyan, was also attacked by “peaceful protesters”. Muntyan was simply driving through the protests holding an American flag. Hateful rioters swarmed around his car, broke the windows and spray painted obscenities. A video of the incident can be seen below.

Despite what the liberal media would have you believe, this isn’t a spontaneous reaction to election results. These are PAID violent rioters determined to cause anarchy. The left is actively looking for “protesters” and they are using all means necessary. They have even posted Craigslist ads asking for activists to participate in these staged events.



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