Trump’s Plan For Day One As President REVEALED, Sends Chills Down Obama’s Spine


During an interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity Wednesday, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway went after the young people who have been protesting the president-elect across the country.

“What’s the worst thing that can happen to these millennials?” she asked.
“That Donald Trump will make good on his promise to create 25 million new jobs? That he’ll unleash energy investment? That he’ll get rid of the ObamaCare penalty on Day One so that you’re not forced to buy government-run healthcare? What is the worst thing that can happen to them?”

Conway’s remark about getting rid of the Obamacare penalty on Trump’s first day in office runs contrary to the “repeal and replace” mantra that Trump has used both on the campaign trail and since getting elected.

After saying he will keep the provisions of Obamacare that keep people with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage and allow children to stay on their parents’ health care plans until they are 26, the president-elect said he would repeal and replace the law simultaneously.

“We’re gonna do it simultaneously. It will be just fine,” Trump said to CBS’s Lesley Stahl in an interview that aired Sunday on 60 Minutes. 

“That’s what I do. I do a good job. You know, I know how to do this stuff. We’re going to repeal it and replace it. We’re not going to have, like, a two-day period, and we’re not going to have a two-year period where there’s nothing. It will be repealed and replaced and we’ll know. And it will be great health care for much less money,”

During her interview with Hannity, Conway also pushed back against reports that the transition of power had descended into chaos, claiming that the real estate mogul was indeed honoring his campaign slogan to “drain the swamp.”

“I would just tell these people to give this president-elect his opportunity to nominate and to appoint his Cabinet, his senior team,” she said.
“This is a very engaged president-elect, who’s going to make good on his campaign promises and do what’s right by the country.”

As evidence of this, Conway pointed to the lobbying ban placed on administration officials by transition team leader and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who also announced a five-year ban from lobbying after leaving government for anybody who does end up on Trump’s team.

“I think they’re scared to death,” said Conway, “that [Trump] is really going to shake up the system, that he means what he says when he says we don’t need all these consultants, we don’t need all these lobbyists, we don’t need all these professional staffers.”

Conway also took another shot at the media for what she sees as biased coverage, claiming the protests would be viewed far differently by the mainstream press if Clinton had won and Trump supporters were out in the streets agitating.

“Two weeks ago, what was all the narrative? ‘Will Donald Trump accept the election results?’” Conway said.
“That was a great question to ask about the wrong candidate and the wrong candidate’s movement.”

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