Sean Hannity Just Received Career-Changing News, Megyn Kelly Got Snubbed, She’s Pissed


Without a doubt, 2016 has marked the highest point in Fox News reporter and radio host Sean Hannity’s career so far.

He was an early supporter of Donald Trump’s candidacy, and his faith in our party’s nominee has clearly paid off for him. He also surpassed Megyn Kelly for highest-rated show on cable news. However, he received an even more impressive accolade recently.

The influential and prestigious Christian think tank American Culture & Faith recently did a study of media figures and measured how significantly they impacted the Presidential election.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that anybody on Fox News wielded more influence, according to their study than Fox News. In fact, he was second only to Rush Limbaugh as the most influential broadcaster nationwide.

Following Hannity were Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council rounded out the top five. Formerly well-regarded Megyn Kelly was nowhere to be seen on this list, however. It’s a stunning fall for the formerly influential Kelly. How much do you love Hannity right now?


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