Reality Hit Obama Like A Ton Of Bricks After Donald Trump Won The Election


Oh, Obama. You thought it would never happen. You said it would never happen. Yet here we are and, like nearly every single thing you’ve done or said in your entire 8 years, you’re dead wrong.

President Barack Obama, from the start, was one of the biggest opponents of Donald Trump. He never thought Trump would be president. He said it over and over again.

Here’s the proof.

Ouch. That hurts.

And again.

How about a 3rd time?

I don’t know about you, but I think President Obama is eating a disturbingly massive amount of humble pie for breakfast this morning.

Best part, Obama had to say this.

Congratulated him and invited him to the White House. Incredible.

I’m going to be saying this for the next 4 years. Told you so, Obama.


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