Petition DEMANDING Electoral College Voters Abandon Trump Gathers 4.5 MILLION Signatures


Ever since the presidential election, liberals have shown just what sore losers they really are by constantly whining about how “unfair” it is that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton even though she won the popular vote.

Now, unfortunately, liberals have decided to do something about it.

Daily Mail reported that Clinton’s most devoted supporters are spreading a petition urging electors to put Clinton’s name down on December 19, even if she did not win the majority of ballots in their state.

“If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, in 14 of the states in Trump’s column, they can vote for Hillary Clinton without any legal penalty if they choose,” the petition stated.

As of now, Trump is on track to get 306 electoral votes if Michigan is called in his favour, but without that state, he’s only at 290 votes. Since the threshold to become president is 270 electoral votes, liberals are holding onto the hope that they can swing enough electors to betray their Trump-voting states and instead put Clinton’s name down on their ballot.

Despite the fact that around 4.6 million people have signed this petition, their chances of actually getting their way are very slim. Even if they convince enough electors to turn on Trump, the House of Representatives would choose between Clinton and Trump if the Electoral College can’t come to a decision. Since the House has a Republican majority, it’s obvious that they would choose Trump.

However, that fact hasn’t stopped liberals from spreading this ridiculous petition.

“Mr. Trump is unfit to serve. His scapegoating of so many Americans, and his impulsivity, bullying, lying, admitted the history of sexual assault and utter lack of experience make him a danger to the Republic,” the petition said. “Secretary Clinton WON THE POPULAR VOTE and should be President.”

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