OMG! James Comey Won’t Sleep Tonight After What Trump Just EXPOSED About Him…


For months Trump attacked the FBI as corrupt because they had failed to apprehend Hillary Clinton. Then it looked like they might have a shred of dignity to them.

Trump is now making the case that you can’t review 650,000 new emails in 8 days.

Comey caved to Hillary Clinton and is as corrupt as they thought. Drain the swamp!


This is treason! 

If you want proof that Hillary Clinton committed a crime, take a look at this from today. She literally printed out state secrets and gave it to her maid.


Our entire government is run by criminals. Every single patriot that is reading this right now, let’s show these criminal politicians what we think of them.

Do not give up hope. On Nov. 8th, we are going to clean house.


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