Kellyanne Conway Drops BOMBSHELL About Trump Administration

As Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway played a major role in securing him his victory over Hillary Clinton. Now, Trump is about to reward her tireless efforts in a big way.

Liberals had better get used to Conway because they’re going to be seeing a lot more of her!

In an interview on Fox News, Kellyanne Conway, President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager and now a senior adviser, revealed that she has “been offered a big position” in the Trump administration.

“I have one question,” host Sean Hannity asked Tuesday. “My email has been blowing up over the speculation that Gov. Mitt Romney, who met with Donald Trump, might get the secretary of state position. And a lot of people are beyond mystified considering all the horrible things and the effort that he helped lead to smear and hurt Donald Trump. And also a lot of people are asking me, what are you going to do?” Hannity asked.

“Can you comment on both of those things? Because a lot of people that think you deserve a big position, like me,” he added.

“Well thank you, that’s very kind,” replied Conway. “I’ve been offered a big position.”

“But Sean, the fact is that I’m here to support the president-elect and the vice president-elect, both men whom I know and admire greatly, however they need me right now in the transition. I told them as recently as an hour ago, ‘Don’t worry about me, all of that will come together,’” she said.

Conway, who joined the Trump campaign in August, has been credited with playing a large role in the real estate mogul’s upset victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. She became the first woman to lead a successful U.S. presidential campaign.

According to Politico, the longtime pollster is a strong candidate to be White House press secretary in the Trump administration.

“But in terms of Governor Romney,” Conway continued, “I think the secretary of state position is such that, and all the Cabinet positions, you have to be qualified and capable, number one. Number two, you have to be loyal to what President-elect Trump has said his vision of the world and his agenda is for this first 100 days or so.”

“So do you call him a fraud and a huckster and whatever else,” Hannity said, referring to Romney’s past words about Trump during the campaign. “I mean, remember that speech he gave, it was horrible, just awful.”

“Well,” replied Conway, “I just want to say generally, apart from Governor Romney, that there were a lot of ‘NeverTrumpers’ who were “Never Trump’ up until the last moment. Go read their Twitter feeds. Go pull the tape of what they were saying on TV cameras and in print in different places.”

She continued, “They didn’t think he would win and they wanted to pile on. Instead of helping the nominee of their party they piled on. And in terms of a diverse Cabinet, I’m all for diversity but I think maybe one ‘NeverTrumper’ is enough, so let’s not get two, three, five in there.”

“That would be my polite suggestion,” she said with a smile.

Hannity emphasized again that many people weren’t happy with the Romney consideration by Trump.

“My email’s running about 100-to-1 against [Romney], and people are mad that he’s even considering it if he really is. I don’t know if he is,” Hannity said.

“Well, look, that position has not been filled,” Conway stated. “I want to tell you very frankly, there are a number of candidates in line for that particular position, secretary of state.”

“And I do hope the job description of the secretary of state is a little bit different from what we’ve seen from Clinton and Kerry for example,” she said. “You don’t need to go fly around the world to be an effective secretary of state.”

She added, “[Henry] Kissinger and [George] Schultz, they stuck closer to home serving the president. That would be my model.”

In conclusion, Hannity said, “But I want to know what your position is the next time you’re on because you obviously played a big role for the president-elect.”

“You’ll be the first to know,” Conway replied.

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