Judge Jeanine Slams Clinton Foundation In One Last All Out Attack Before Election [Video]


Judge Jeanine Pirro just slammed Hillary really hard, possibly for the last time until the election.

Her target was the Clinton Foundation. She did now hold back. “It’s clear what their intent was. Their intent was to hide,” she started.

“To set up the server so that she could operate not only outside of the guidelines and the rules and the federal requirements, but that she could operate an organized criminal enterprise in the name of a 501(c)(3) charity,” said Jeanine.

 “It’s a RICO – racketeering influencing corruption organization. Like the mob. She’s a capo and you know they got the consigliere, who is Loretta Lynch at this point,” said Jeanine.

“This is just the most corrupted Department of Justice I’ve ever seen. And I thought Eric Holder was bad,” said Jeanine. Check out the video below.


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